Wednesday, February 27

I've Been Tagged

Aimee Jo tagged me, so here's my List of Eights...

Things I'm Passionate About:

2. My marriage
3. My children
4. Experiencing the world through travel
5. Sports watching
6. Organizing my calendar & to-do lists
7. My Scottish heritage
8. Helping children feel valuable

Things I Want to do Before I Die:

1. Watch my daughters' weddings
2. Hold my grandchildren
3. Spend extensive time in Scotland
4. Have a romantic trip to Florence, Italy with my husband
5. Write a book worth reading
6. Witness how the Lord will use Connor as an adult
7. Adopt a child or two or three
8. Climb Mt. Hood again
* note: I'd take a trip to heaven over any of these, so Jesus can feel free to come back tonight

Shows I Watch:

1. Lost
2. Extreme Makeover: Home Addition (Trinity's fave)
3. Heroes
4. Sunday/Monday Night Football
5. Boston Legal
6. Deal or No Deal (Trinity's other fave)
7. Hannah Montana (Trinity's obsession)
8. Spongebob Squarepants (the only one all three kids agree on)

Things That Attract Me to My Friends:

1. Shared passions
2. Shared history
3. Shared life stage
4. Shared faith
5. Humor
6. Authenticity
7. Kindness
8. Peaceful spirit

Things I Say Often:

1. Excuse me?
2. I love you so much.
3. You are such a sweet girl/boy.
4. Put your shoes and coats away!
5. Let's go! We're late!!
6. I'm so tired.
7. Chill!
8. Be respectful - we're talking to the Creator of the Universe!

Artists I Never Tired of:

1. Monet - oh, not that kind of artist?
2. Third Day
3. Natalie Merchant
4. Nichole Nordeman
5. Sarah McLachlan
6. Sheryl Crowe
7. Sting
8. U2

Things I Learned in 07:

I don't remember 2007.


Kenli Shea said...

you forgot to add to things I say often:
"You can choose to do this _______ or this ________?"

Aimee Jo said...

Thanks for playing along! I'm so sorry that spongebob is the show of choice for the kiddos...that's one that I hope to never introduce to Anaiah.

Sarah Megan said...

Funny feeling: I was looking at favorite artists and I combined two lines and saw my name and was like, "uhhhhh im not an artist"

Allan White said...

I'm not sure you can go to heaven BEFORE you die. That would be cool though.


Great post!

@Kenli - only PSP peeps get the choice language as much as you did.

@Aimee - What are you going on about, sister? Spongebob is hilarious! So much less damaging to young minds than Wiggles or (especially) DoodleBops. Or Hanna Montana!